Company Milestone

> Industrial Zone Phase 2: 2M KVAH Capacity in Operation by the end of 2015

> In May of 2014, Sacred Sun(flat gel battery supplier) Europe SPRL was founded
> In June of 2014, Sacred Sun signed technical agreement with Furukawa for FCP lead carbon battery cooperation

> In June of 2013, the company Approved the establishment of post doctoral scientific research workstation
> In August of 2013, the first phase of the new lead-acid battery production expansion relocation project has been put into production

> In February of 2012, the company won the "Chinese environmental friendly enterprise" honor and title.
> In 2012, the “new type of lead-acid battery production expanding removal project” was realized, which will result in a capacity of up to 6 million KVAH

> In May of 2011 the trademark of Sacred Sun won the title of a China Renowned Brand.
> In May of 2011, the company was listed on the SME board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
> In October of 2011, the company set up the Shandong provincial academic workstation.

> In 2010 a wholly owned subsidiary - FnS Power Technology Inc. was founded.
> In 2010 the Li-ion battery R&D project was put into trial production.

> In 2009, the company in the lead-acid battery industry first won the “Certificate for the exemption from export inspection”

> In 2008, the company was recognized in the first batch of “national HI-TECH enterprises” located in the Shandong province.

> In 2007, the company reorganized into a stock company and Shandong Sacred Sun Power Sources Co., Ltd was founded.

> In June of 2006 the wholly owned subsidiary - Shandong Sacred Sun Technology Co., Ltd was founded In December of 2006, the company’s product was awarded the title of "national inspection-free product”  

> In 2005, the company was renamed as "Shandong Sacred Sun Power Sources Co., Ltd.".

> In 2002, the company technology center was recognized as Shandong provincial enterprise technology center.

> In 2001 the participation of state-owned capital ended and Sacred Sun become a private enterprise.

> In 1998 the company was reorganized as a limited liability company and Qufu Sacred Sun Power Sources Industrial Co., LTD was founded.

> In 1996 the company was affirmed and recognized as one of the first batch of HI-TECH enterprises located in the Shandong province.

> In January 1991 Qufu power Sources Factory was founded.