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Lead acid battery industry is an important part of the new energy industry. For a long time, lead acid batteries are widely used in starting power, motive power, emergency backup and energy storage, and it provides a reliable guarantee for the national economy, national defense and people's lives. Lead acid battery industry has become an essential foundation for sustainable development of national economy and society of the industry, and it is playing a key role in national economic construction more and more important(Sacred Sun ups with battery price).

lead acid battery, lead carbon battery

In recent years, the lead acid battery industry in China is phasing out backward production capacity through the implementation of environmental remediation industry and regulate the conditions. Constantly improving the level of equipment, environmental protection and occupation health security conditions, and continue to improve, continue to promote technological progress and industrialization of new technologies, these measures are greatly narrowing the gap between the overall level and developed countries.

In order to further promote the lead-acid battery of new products and new technology research and industrialization of the whole industry chain, and to achieve scientific and sustainable development, we scheduled to held the Fourth National Seminar on new technology of lead acid battery" on October 2016 15-17 in Qufu, Jining of Shandong Province. This conference is hosted by Sacred Sun.

The main contents of this symposium include: the implementation of lead acid battery industry standards, lead carbon batteries and carbon fiber grid battery technology of lead acid batteries, lead carbon batteries with new materials, new carbon materials, long-life grid alloy, waste lead-acid battery recycling technology research and industrialization.

Up to now, Sacred Sun FCP lead carbon deep cycle battery with super long life based on Furukawa technology could operate 4200 cycles at 70% depth of discharge (DOD). Provided that one day one cycle, battery service life could up to 10 years, reduce the cost per kW h of energy storage to 0.08 Dollar (0.5RMB). In view of this, Sacred Sun’s FCP lead carbon batteries have successfully applied in many large-scale energy storage projects in domestic and overseas on accounts of its advanced energy storage technology.

lead acid battery, lead carbon battery

Mrs. Fan na, doctor from New Technology Research Laboratory of Technology Center of Sacred Sun will bring the latest pure lead battery for everyone, and will deliver a speech entitled : Development present situation and Research on the technology of pure lead battery.

At this meeting, Johnson, YUASA, Hoppecke, East PENN, Furukawa Battery and other well-known international companies will take part in the meeting of Lead acid battery and they will make a special report; Sailing, china shoto, Tian neng, Chaowei, Camels and other domestic backbone enterprises will introduce new technology of lead-acid battery in recent years at the meeting; Harbin Institute of Technology, chemical warfare Research Institute of university scientific research institutes and experts will introduce the recent research achievements related to new technologies and new materials in the meeting. The meeting will be invited to participate in the leadership of the relevant state departments to provide a platform for government departments to understand the Lead acid battery industry, promote sustainable development of the industry, and we will create a harmonious and relaxed environment for them..

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We are one of the largest lead acid battery manufacturers in China, dedicated and specialized in designing, manufacturing, and distributing of Telecom Battery, UPS Battery, Energy Storage Battery, and Motive Battery.
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◢Sacred Sun FCP lead carbon deep cycle battery with super long life based on Furukawa technology, could operate 4200cycles at 70% depth of discharge (DOD) and reduce the cost per kW h of energy storage to 0.5RMB.
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