As the gold sponsor of the Energy Storage Australia (ESA) 2015, Sacred Sun will attend and demonstrate its full range of energy storage solutions and its latest energy storage battery technology at booth No. 32, and will also deliver a special report of "energy storage solutions based on FCP lead carbon battery" during the conference. It is said that by using its energy storage system solutions based on lead-carbon batteries, the cost per kw h of energy storage could be reduced to 0.5 RMB, which is close to the pumped storage. This technology provides a systematic and economic solution for the large-scale commercialized operation of energy storage systems.

Sacred Sun(Grid Home Power System Supplier), as a leader of China's energy storage industry, is one of the earliest companies who have entered into the new energy field. Sacred Sun is committed to providing energy storage system solutions in fields of intelligent grid, distributed generation, micro-grid power plants, new energy access, and so on.

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