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In August, 2016, Sacred Sun(ups battery supplier) has provided one group of OPzV series 2V 600AH tubular gel batteries to Australia SolarQuip Renewable Energy Training Center with the assistance of its agent YHI Power at the invitation of Glen Morris (the owner of SolarQuip). As the training materials on the course for students, Sacred Sun OPzV series tubular gel batteries were used to demonstrate how to build solar+ storage systems.

6 vlot battery
Sacred Sun batteries with “visual inspection" window

6 vlot lead acid battery 
Preparing the battery enclosure for a set of Sacred Sun OPzV batteries from YHI Power
As a manufacturer with extensive experience in battery manufacturing for 25+ years, Sacred Sun has successfully shipped its products to 100+ countries and regions. It adheres to the concepts of “energy conservation, consumption reduction and environmental protection”, and bases its sustainable development strategy on technical improvements and innovations.
At present, Sacred Sun is a leading supplier and service provider of batteries and system solutions for applications ranging from energy storage, telecommunications, standby, and electric vehicles.
Up to now, Sacred Sun OPzV series tubular gel batteries are still the popular products in the market and play a key role in many fields, especially high-low temperature environment and poor power conditions. As we all know, Sacred Sun OPzV series battery adopts German tubular pure gel technology; key raw material and key production equipment imported from Europe. All of these ensure its superior long service life and reliability, good cycling performance.

OPzV Battery Key Technical benefits:
Long life according to EUROBAT Classification;
More than 1500 deep discharge cycles;
GEL state electrolyte prevents leakage and layering;
Low resistance PVC-SiO2 micro-porous separator, ensure low self-discharge rate;
Easy installation vertical or horizontal.
Key Equipments & Materials:
HADI production lines imported from Germany,
productivity: 1500KVAh/month/line;
PVC-SiO2 micro-porous separator;
Gels made of German fumed silica.  
6 volt deep cycle batteries

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 SA8000, CE, RU
Application Fields:
Power stations;
Renewable energy storage;
UPS and EPS units,
OPzV Battery Typical Cases for Renewable Energy:
Sacred Sun OPzV series products have successfully applied in many large-scale energy storage projects in domestic and overseas on accounts of its advanced energy storage technology.
Indonesian Semau Island 450Kw and Selura Island 150Kw micro-grid energy storage power station, total 925 pcs 2V 2000AH OPzV batteries.
micro-grid energy storage,opzv battery
2013 CGN Qumalai 7.203 MW Off-grid PV Power Plant with 20MWh Containerized tubular gel battery system and 2014 CGN Gonghe 9.261MW Off-grid PV Power Plant with 14MWh tubular gel battery system.
Off-grid PV Power Plant,opzv lead acid battery

[Who is Sacred Sun]
We are one of the largest lead acid battery manufacturers in China, dedicated and specialized in designing, manufacturing, and distributing of Telecom Battery, UPS Battery, Energy Storage Battery, and Motive Battery.
Why choose Sacred Sun
◢As one of the largest lead acid battery manufacturers in China, Sacred Sun's productivity has reached 4.5 million kVAh/year.
◢As one of the famous companies in this industry, Sacred Sun ranks in the front row in China with 25+ years extensive experience.
◢Sacred Sun’s products could be found in 100+ countries and regions. Its marketing and service networks are keep expanding at domestic and abroad.
◢Sacred Sun FCP lead carbon deep cycle battery with super long life based on Furukawa technology, could operate 4200cycles at 70% depth of discharge (DOD) and reduce the cost per kW h of energy storage to 0.5RMB.
Offline Service:
If you have any questions or suggestions about products or services, please feel free to contact us via livechat or email.
Head Office Tel: 0086-537-4422313
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