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On 24th May, 2016, CIBF 2016 was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 1000 enterprises attended and attracted more than 40 thousand audiences.

energy storage exhibition,energy storage

During the energy storage exhibition , Sacred Sun(vrla battery manufacturer), with its innovation and development in the new energy storage region, was awarded the "2016 China’s most influential enterprises in energy storage industry "," 2016 China’s best systems integration solutions provider in energy storage industry "," 2016l China’s best energy storage battery supplier in energy storage industry "three awards.

As representatives of 2016 China's most influential enterprises in energy storage industry, Lingcheng Kong, the director of Sacred Sun new energy division gave the keynote speech named <FCP –energy storage solution, pave the energy storage century>. Sacred Sun adopts the development strategy of one body with two wings, namely the energy storage system which integrates the two wings to lead the carbon battery and lithium battery, to deal with the diversification of electric power demand for energy storage system under internet with diversified solutions.

energy storage exhibition,energy storage

In this exhibition, Sacred Sun exhibits lead-carbon battery, lithium-ion battery, traction battery, Tubular gel OPZV battery and other products. All of these gained public attention and attracted a lot of people stop to consultation and communication.