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Intersolar South America 2016 will be held from 23rd August to the 25th August 2016 at the Expo Center Norte in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sacred Sun will carry a full range of energy storage products and storage system to solve the 2016 fair scheme shining.
As one of the leader providers of energy storage solutions, Sacred Sun has made its appearance with a full range of new energy technology products and attracted many customers, experts and participants stopped to consult.

During the exhibition,  Sacred Sun, a manufacturer with full range of battery series specially for Renewable Energy Storage applications, will attend and showcase its Supreme lead carbon battery products, Li-ion products, Premium OPzV lead acid battery, Standard pure gel flat plate products, and Economy AGM battery products, we will also show our energy storage systems: Household Energy Storage System(1KW-12KW), micro-grid system (100KW), Commercial large container energy storage power station, Telecommunication base station hybrid energy management system on the exhibition.
These products could be widely applied in large-capacity storage systems, to provide more competitive product solutions for the commercial development of new energy storage market.

FnS Power, one of  Sacred Sun’s subsidiary,  has also showed its one-stop energy storage systems & solutions, PowerRiver, PowerSaver, CoolEnergy series products and offer a variety of solutions during this exhibition.
Five range of energy storage battery will be showed during this exhibition.(solar power inverter)

Together With Sacred Sun Join the Intersolar South America 2016, Sacred Sun committed to become your ideal global partner of energy power solution.
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