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“PV+ Energy Storage” Users have a Trend of Separating from Power Grid in US

The combination of photovoltaic array and battery energy storage system is increasingly applied in the United States. In accordance the report “Economic Analysis on Off-grid of Loads” released by Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) recently, in areas with higher electricity price such as Hawaii, the model “PV+ Energy Storage+ Power Grid” is more economic than pure grid power supply. In future 10-15 years, the model “PV+ Energy Storage+ Power Grid” will be widely applied in California, New York, and Texas.    With the continuous development of related technologies, the reliability and cost effectiveness of “PV+ Energy Storage” system is experienced by more and more people. Under such condition, more and more users will give up traditional grid power supply, and choose “PV+ Energy Storage” system instead.     Due to the decline of electricity requirements of power grid from “PV+ Energy Storage+ Power Grid” users, the situation “off-grid of loads” will be happened earlier than “off-grid of users”.