Fns power can provide hybritid mini-grid energy storage(30KW-MWS) solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

Product 6 Vlot Lead Acid Battery Solution
Industrial Solution - PowerRiver(40kw above)
As one of the earliest integrators in the renewable energy storage industry for many years,we completely understand our user’s concerns are reliable operation,high efficiency output,the lowest cost of energy storage,and environmental friendly equipment and are always striving to become the benchmark.
One of our core technologies lies in 3 level topology modular 50KW inverter,with lighter weight,higher efficiency,less space,easier maintenance and faster set-up for custom made system.
Another one is our most various optional battery solutions from Sacred Sun.The most advanced high temperature tolerant battery,Gel battery,lead carton and lithium-ion battery provide the most cost effective energy storage solutions.
Our PowerRiver series are designed to be used in bi-directional solar plant and micro smart grid energy storage power plant.Now our systems are successfully operated in China and Indonesia(international case).

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