vrla battery specificationsAs a newly developed lead acid battery, Sacred Sun SDC series VRLA battery adopts the latest GEL technology and possesses good deep cycle and large current discharge performance. It could be widely applied in Renewable Energy, Electrical Vehicle and Universal deep cycle application and solar application.
1. Long cycle life
   Special paste formula and patent corrosion-resistant alloy ensure long deep cycle life, suitable for solar application.wan
   If you want to learn more information about the different type of long deep cycle lead acid batteries, please read the article
  about five types lead acid battery(AGM deep cycle battery, SDC deep cycle battery, DCS lead carbon battery, flat plate gel lead acid battery, tubular gel lead acid battery, lead carbon battery, lithium ion battery).
2. Excellent large current discharge performance
   Unique structural design guarantees batteries achieve high specific power ability and excellent performance; 
3. High gas recombination efficiency;
4. Low self-discharge rate;
   ≤3% per month at 25℃;

B. Standars
1. IEC60896-21/22:2004
2. IEC61427-2005
3. Eurobat Guide
4. Installation Compliant With EN50272-2

C. Capacity Range
1. 12V:  12V43AH VRLA Battery,12V110AH VRLA Battery,12V125AH VRLA Battery,12V4165AH VRLA Battery.
2. 6V: 6V185AH VRLA Battery,6V220AH VRLA Battery,6V285AH VRLA Battery.