vrla battery manufacturerCommunication Base Stations is generally located in remote areas, battery theft happens from time to time in those areas limited by geographical factors. To prevent such kind of phenomenon, technicians of Sacred Sun have developed the batteries with GPS intelligent tracking system, which is a perfect combination of battery technology and communication electronics technology.
Working principle:
1. Once such kind of antitheft batteries are installed and GPS module activated, alarming function will be triggered when battery shift happens. Alerting signals could be transmitted to the binding mobile phone and monitoring platform timely.
2. When you use the bingding mobile phone to call the smart module, you can hear voices around the moving battery.
3. The stolen batteries could be tracked constantly and found easily with this GPS intelligent tracking system.

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1. Stability: GSM or CDMA mobile data communications platform could be applied;
2. Precision: Adopting GPS positioning technology, precision is 5-20 meters;
3. Sensitive: Dedicated vibration detector;
4. Intelligent: Remote monitoring the steal scene by mobile phone;
5. Considerate: Battery vibration, GPS coordinates movement, alarming for GSM switching office and base station code changing;
6. System: To follow-up the stolen battery through a dedicated monitoring platform;
7. Low consumption: Only 10m A on stand-by; only 50m A whentracking and calling;
8. Long backup time:  Powered by the battery directly and last more than 30 days;
9. Wide working voltage: 1.5 ~ 3.3 V;
10. High concealment: The GPS module could not be found only from appearance.
Stolen batteries can be recovered, the following will tell us a story occurred in Linyi, China, Shandong, the base station to recover the story of lead-acid batteries. Now we will tell you a true story about how to catch the chieives and find the stone intelligent GPS antitheft lead acid batteries.

[A story about Intelligent GPS Antitheft Battery]
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