As you know, one of the major drawbacks of lead-acid batteries is they do not perform very well at high temperatures. Here I will introduce a VRLA battery that could work properly at high temperatures for you. This maintenance-free high temperature (HT) battery could work in air-conditioner absent conditions and its design life is 10 years at 35℃. With its superb cycle life, fast charging acceptance capability and favorable operation state at partial status of charge (PSOC) conditions, it is suitable for floating or cyclic applications such as high temperature BTS, unstable grid BTS, remote area BTS, and solar (wind) energy storage system.

Product dc/ac power battery Solution
Application characteristics:
no air-conditioner requested 
average temperature at 30-35℃
energy saving and cost reducing
partial status of charge(PSOC)
Please see the relevant product information: HTB-Series

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