Company News

On 26, August, the president of Furukawa battery Mr.Tokuyama and their senior executives’ team visited Sacred Sun(electricity storage batteries). Sacred Sun president Mr.Song Bin and the management warmly received them.

During the visit, the two parties reviewed and summarized the detailed progress of technical cooperation project on FCP battery. At the same time, both parties also had a deeply discussion for future Lead Carbon technology products, Energy Storage and Motive Power markets develop and collaboration.

In the accompanying of Mr. Song, Tokuyama president visited Sacred Sun Show Room, R&D center, CNAS Laboratory and Sacred Sun Industrial Park. Tokuyama highly appreciated Sacred Sun corporate culture of "People First". "Integrity and responsibility" is the common core valves for both companies, and it is also the basis of the bilateral strategic cooperation. 

Tokuyama expressed a positive evaluation for Sacred Sun depth study of energy storage markets, and fully affirmative on Sacred Sun production field management, products producing process and Industrial Park building, with expectations and hopes for both sides further cooperation in future.

Both sides believe the cooperation in the future will go further, and make more positive contribution for the development of energy storage technology, create more value for customers around the world.

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