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On May 11, 2016, a two-day “Energy Storage China 2016” was help in Beijing International Convention Center. More than 1000 industry elites, 80 industry experts and 50 exhibitors coming from Global energy storage and related power industries unites gathered together in a depth discussion on the hot topics of Internet and other energy storage impact on the energy storage business critical pattern, analyze global energy storage projects, expand the energy storage market.

Sacred Sun(vrla battery price) take along with energy storage system solutions and some energy storage products attended this meeting. Mr. Sui Yanbo, the Deputy General Manager of Sacred Sun did the “FCP lead carbon battery energy storage system of large-scale application solutions” keynote speech, and accepted the Polaris electricity transmission and distribution network, battery Chinese network reporter interviewed. Mr. Sui described energy storage industry present situation , opportunities, challenges and development of next phase, detailed description of Sacred Sun energy storage market positioning, development planning and propulsion route.

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Sacred Sun energy storage system solutions and energy storage products attracted a lot of industry experts gathered and do exchange with our teams.

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Yang Yusheng academicians exchanged words with Mr. Sui