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Energy Storage

Nowadays, advanced energy storage technology has enabled the intermittent energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy become mainstream energy. Through storing solar energy and wind energy, the energy storage system could provide safe and reliable electricity for household, building or factory. It has influenced the distribution of power grid and will raise a revolution on power grid design in the coming future. With its efficient and environmental characteristics, energy storage is playing a critical role in the development of renewable energy.

In the coming years, market demand for energy storage will keep rising. Under such condition, solar/wind power stations, distributed power supply systems, micro-grid power plants, and smart power grids will be increasingly widely applied in various areas. China’s energy storage industry is seeing tremendous development opportunities.    As a leading industrial lead acid battery supplier in China, Sacred Sun also provides energy storage solutions such as intelligent street light, energy storage power plant, off-grid & micro-grid new energy power plant, and household solutions. 

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