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Application scene of Sacred Sun container energy storage

In recent years, Sacred Sun launched a series of Smart solutions, including container energy storage, Small container base station and so on. Container is the core of the container energy storage solution to promote the standardization of engineering products, mainly in the field of modular, mobile data centers, especially suitable for remote areas of work.
Appcaition scene
Communication station, desert islands and other remote areas
Outdoor solar generator room
Industrial exploration data center
High speed railway data center
Mobile data center
The modular data center……

Advantages of the container energy storage solutions(solar power installation)

Ultra high density
Sacred Sun standard container occupies between 38 and 76 square meters of physical space, the density between 15 ~ 30kW.
Very low cost
Relative to the traditional construction data center, its civil savings as high as 20%, the initial investment cost of reduced by more than 30%, the annual operation and maintenance costs of reduced by more than 60%.
Rapid deployment
Sacred Sun standard container standard engineering products, users simply install the server, the output can be connected to normal operation, the entire construction period of less than 1 months.
Green energy
The core container uses advanced wind and high voltage direct current to reduce the energy consumption of the infrastructure, and at the same time.Green energy and energy saving .
Module development
Sacred Sun energy storage container for modular standard products, just like sacred sun's FCP lead carbon battery, customers can be based on business needs to run and invest, rational distribution and use of human, material and financial resources.
Application scene of Sacred Sun container energy storage