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A story about Intelligent GPS Antitheft Battery, A realistic version of the blockbuster and gangster
---Accurate positioning in 100 km to catch the thief

Tips:[Sacred Sun(solar power kits) assist Linyi tower company to recover stolen batteries]Stolen batteries can be recovered, the following will tell us a story occurred in Linyi, China, Shandong, the base station to recover the story of lead-acid batteries.
When the lead acid batteries was stolen, and we respond to this things quickly.
July 24th 2016, 7 a.m, Sacred Sun lead-acid battery service staff Gu Qinghua and Zhang Chao  opened the lead-acid battery anti-theft monitoring system platform designed by Sacred Sun on computer, and discovered the frequent alarm, careful examination found tower company Linyi Tancheng County East lakes base station battery occur large displacement alarm, we suspected that the batteries was stolen. Immediately we contacted the Linyi Tower company Tancheng office related personnel to the scene to confirm. Tower company staff arrived at the base station, and confirmed that the batteries was stolen, the tower company quickly alarm, the police to the scene to do a survey. At the same time, Gu and Zhang rushed to Tancheng, actively cooperated with the Tancheng tower company to look  for the stolen batteries.

According to the Linyi tower company’s reflections, since June, more than six groups lead acid batteries has been stolen from the Linyi tower company Tancheng office’s base stations,  conditioning to some power lines and air. Such cases occured frequently, the technique is similar, so we can be inferred for the same group of people committing the crime. The Linyi tower company arranged more person to wait for the chieives. Linyi tower company manager Mr. Xu was very anxious, but it was failed for a long time. Thieves were not only contempt tower company, but also repeatedly challenged the bottom line of Tancheng public security. For this, Linyi tower has put pressure on the Tancheng public security leadership, hoping to solve the case as soon as possible.

Accurate positioning, 100 kms to catch the thieives
Gu and Zhang Gong arrived on the scene, using installed in the battery anti-theft module, in Cell Phone Guardian client quickly locked the battery was stolen at present position, subsequently and Tancheng police in plain clothes police quietly came to the battery guard GPS map marked the location of the Tancheng county return Xi Cun Yi a farm house. To take this opportunity to catch thieves, the Tancheng public security plan to temporarily implement the arrest, so as not to act rashly and alert the enemy. In order to reach the case finally cracked, Gu and Zhang Gong sleeped less than one hour, and watched in front of the computer on the whole night, and focused on the real-time control battery dynamic position. Until 25th at 11:50, the stone batteries has moved a little, and Tancheng public security and Tancheng iron tower company has long been ready to pursue the vehicle. On the way to track, and more for the country road, was not easy to determine carrying stolen vehicles, but according to the GPS map display battery position slowly with nearly, about the exercise of the 50 km, Mr. Gu, Mr. Zhang and Tancheng public security were locked in a tricycle.

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Catch the chieives and the stolen batteries  was returned.

When the map showed the location of the battery and monitor the phone overlap, it was determined to be an agricultural tricycle, Tancheng public security on the tricycle to intercept, driving a car is a couple. We found more than 48 groups lead acid batteries in the car of this couple.This was the stone lead acid batteries. At the moment, the whole case just half, Tancheng police to suspect and tricycle to escort to Tancheng County Public Security Bureau, and the couple were questioning surprise, that they are only responsible for the disposal of stolen goods of, in addition to the three suspects is responsible for battery theft. According to the address and name of the couple to provide information, Tancheng police quickly arrested the three suspects. Under the three suspects’ further questioning, we learned that more than 4 groups lead acid batteries was found.

So far, with the help of assistants named Gu Qinghua and Zhang Gong from Sacred Sun, Tancheng County Public Security Bureau cracked a great victory, and had solved a headache to make them battery theft. Sacred Sun battery anti-theft on Linyi tower company project, had saved nearly 10 million RMB of property loss, and eliminated the hidden trouble of future battery stolen. Tancheng Public Security Bureau and the tower company in Linyi expressed thire solemn thanks to the staff and Zhang Gong.
Sacred Sun continues to make breakthroughs in products and innovation for customers and provides diversified guarantee. Good ideas and responsible attitude also wins the respect and trust of customers.
Intelligent GPS Antitheft lead-acid battery, Sacred Sun supply safety, rest assured.
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